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The Scientific Proof Of God

The Cultures Of Liberals and conservative

Liberalism is a culture that spans and unites politics, economics and art under a banner of human freedom. It is a way of thinking, an obsession with personal freedom that generates the doctrine of legal rights. Conservatism is a diametrically opposed culture with its own art, economics and politics based on human rights. Ecumenics Org supports the Wests way of life and the conservative outlook. The Ecumenics Organization is a charity dedicated to unity through justice. 

Ecumenics Org explains the state of the world as a conflict between Liberalism and conservatism; or between legalism and a justice system based on human rights. The conflict is between the rule of law and what is morally right and just. Secularism promotes the first position which we refer to as the liberal position and conservatism is a statement of the second position, the position that puts faith and the principle of justice before the laws of men. We believe the conservative, faith-based position is consistent with Scripture and best expressed in Scripture. In all things Scripture clearly and simply understood has precedence and the final say.

Ecumenics Org is Fundamentalist in its theology and subscribes to a faith-based justice. Ecumenics Org believe ethics is rational and ethical living makes sense to a rational being.

Ecumenics Org subscribes to the doctrine of the infallibility and sufficiency of Jesus and Scripture. It is the contention of Ecumenics Org that scripture contains all we need to know about justice. Ecumenics Org believes Scripture provides the foundation for human rights and that human rights serves as the key to understanding justice.

Our theme is unity through justice and justice through human rights. Ecumenics Org believes in the sanctity of human rights. We believe God loves humanity and, in this love, gave us inalienable rights. Cultures that support the rights of man progress. God loves progress because progress is the outcome of obedience to God's Will. Progress is defined as that value added to the world. This is in accordance to the principles of Dominionism and Stewardship both Scriptural in origin.

As saints Christians own the world, not in its physical, outward appearance but as its culture and civilization, that component of reality that we the people have fabricated for our use and benefit. This is ours by right of creation and possession, this reality is ours, bequeathed to us by God. Our political jurisdictions represent our fabrication and possessions. Political jurisdictions are more justly defined by our ownership jurisdictions, by our stewardship. Our ownership cannot be rescinded or reassigned by another. We own what we care for.

All authority must come from the base, from the local jurisdiction from which all power and authority flows. Power that takes authority away from the base infringes the human rights of us all. The state defends the doctrine of legal rights. Legal rights are a substitute for and a replacement of our human rights. Human rights are the rights of owners and proprietors, legal rights are the rights of subjects of the state.