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Social Positivists

 teaching the church about human rights 

The Second Front: EcclesiasticS

The Second Front is ecclesiastical. If we are doing good works, we are building the church. If our works build the church this ought to be quantifiable. It is by linking the work of building the church with the value of the planet that the church fulfills its responsibility to the body of Christ.

The church has been put on the defensive by the forces of secular humanism. It is time to fight back, to regroup and to push home an assault that will completely route and destroy every last vestige of the liberal social agenda.

Many both in and out of the church will not see the relevance or importance of this Second Front and may feel it can be overlooked. It is crucial to wage war on all three fronts. The church must be built as God requires this means one church united not by doctrine but by works done in faith.

This section will provide history lessons based on truth, not the distorted truth you have become accustomed to. Social Positivists learn how disobedience disassembled the church and allowed so much of the planet to be harmed.

Babylon will fall, and Social Positivists  will knock the supports out from under it.