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Social Positivists



Direct policy is based on the rights of man specifically as provided in Scripture. The policy of The Directors Party and the idea of direct ownership is  consistent with the teachings of Scripture.


Social Positivists combat extremist ideologies on three fronts. The first front is the political front. A key part of this campaign is the formation of policy that combats externalized costs as being illegitimate.

As humans we have a right to the place we inhabit. This is a verifiable proposition. We have a right to the things we create. This can be objectively substantiated. Because we have these rights we have the concomitant right to reject the imposition of social costs onto ourselves, our society and our future generations.

Nationalism and patriotism are ideas based in science. There is no logical or scientific grounds for opposing this position and this position is the only one that maintains logical rigor.

We have a right to the value we create but no right to the value created by someone else. We have the right to refuse to take up costs created by others and the concomitant obligation to extend this right to others.

Social Positivists do not externalize costs. Direct markets do not require society and future generations to pay costs not created by them. There is no scientific or logical means by which such actions can be legitimized. They are done because of power disparities and emotional laden agendas.

Direct markets ensure all costs are contained in the supplier’s accounts. Those who create costs ought to pay the cost created by them. This is the idea behind direct markets.