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 the study of power and rights

Legal Rights

Legal rights are products of a liberal state. Legal rights ferment social division and social injustice. The worlds political and economic systems are based on legal rights and are corrosive of the social order. Anything that produces social division creates injustice. Injustice offends our human rights. Injustice destroys peace, prosperity and progress. Injustice destroys the church. Demand justice. Fight for the rights of the church to exist.

Our Land - Our Taxes - Our Church

There is the argument made that boarders are not natural therefore nations have no right to keep people out. Scripture does not support this. Israel was a nation whose offenses included a failure to maintain its national, cultural and religious integrity. The nation is the seat of our power.

If we eliminate national boarders why not all boarders and all boundaries. But the problem is not really these attacks against national integrity. This is just a diversion against the real attack, and that is the attack on the sovereignty of God.

The church of God is under attack. We as the representatives of God on earth are the church. As a people of God we are to be kind to the stranger that sojourns among us but this teaching is not for enemy agents whose quest is our destruction.

These lands are Christians lands bequeathed to us by God and belong to the church. These lands are God’s given by Him to whom He Wills. It is not important or crucial that we are being threatened as individuals or as a culture; the thing we need to realize is that the suzerainty of God is being challenged. We can forgive threats against us but not threats against the supreme authority of God. The lands of God and the authority of God is under attack; threatened by enemies, domestic and foreign. They want to strip the church of what rightfully belongs to it. It is not that they want the land as much as they want to demonstrate our God is powerless against their apostasy.

The money that supports these activities are our taxes. The money we offer for the benefit of the people of God are used to oppose God and His people. Our taxes are our offering to God given to support the church and the people of God. The people of God are those who faithfully build his church on the land given to us by God using the resources given to us for this purpose.

It is not just the money we give directly to the social club called the church that belongs to God for the work of God. The state is technically an agent of Christ to fulfill the purpose of Christ. Our monies are meant to benefit the people of God.

Christianity is our culture; the church is a way of life we have lived as lived our ancestors before us. These lands we live on are church lands, this life is based on Christ. We were bequeathed these lands and this culture by God. It is our legacy; it is ours by right of Dominion and stewardship.

We are citizens of God’s Kingdom not subjects of a state.

We are the owners of all we have created and the heirs of all that God Created.

By the doctrine of Dominion, the earth belongs to the people of God.

By the principle of Stewardship, we are responsible for the lands under our control.

Rights given by God and responsibilities owed to God cannot be re-assigned, abrogated or diminished. The authority of the people comes directly from God.

We are owners, we have the power of owners. We are not renters or peasants or subjects.

The expression of our rights and privileges given to us by God is manifested in the church. The church is not a building nor people. The church is the owners of our estates. The church is not a building or land or people it is owners of a place and people serving God.

Without the powers of ownership there is no church.