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social positivists

 "the party working to empower community" 

Science and religion are not enemies of each other.

The market is where science and religion are reconciled.

Social Positivist is a cooperative approach to solving our social problems.


What do you want done?

Empowered Community

Our power resides in community. Man alone is weak and primitive. Only in community do we find our strength.

The Social Positivists Party works to empower community. The SPP rejects the centralization of other parties. Power we believes belongs at the base.

What do you believe? Globalism or Localism? You decide?


A market that does not record all inputs and outputs or imposes false values produces economic injustice.

Support the Social Positivists solution to the problem of unemployment.



A market is made up of consumers and producers. We are all consumers and we all are or ought to be producers.

Positive Markets are a market composed of consumers and producers using a neutral medium of exchange to maintain accounts.


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