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Ecumenics are organizations that work to eliminate waste and promote bible based solution to our social problems. Waste is divisive and unbiblical. Social policy ought to be bible-based. We know we are to care for one another as is illustrated by the story of the Good Samaritan. A sick person is a wasted person. Sickness is a social cost that must be vigorously eliminated and selected against. We are not a healthy body if a third of the body is sick and dysfunctional. Unsafe and unhealthy environments create costs for the church. Illness is a sign society has failed to exercise its collective responsibility towards its members. Sick people do not contribute value as much as they could if healthy. Sickness is a removable social cost. The body of Christ requires each part be equal to all other parts. This is only possible if the body is in full health. Ecumenics work to provide a strong, pre-emptive healthcare policy.

​Ecumenic health care policy is guided by a pre-emptive approach. Ecumenics gain to benefit from treating sick people as opposed to maintaining people in good health. Healthcare Ecumenics puts power into the hands of the patient. Healthcare Ecumenics assist people so they can avoid getting sick. 

​Ecumenic healthcare policy is implemented by Healthcare Ecumenics usomg a team-based approach in which all stakeholders participate. We must all work together to implement policy that  works to maintain all persons in optimal health, since we are all impacted in a negative way by the ill-health of members.

A Healthcare Ecumenic is a health unit that sells health care to a community. It is composed of all those in health care. The objective is to look at health care costs as an expense of the community for which we all pay to some degree. If the community spends $30 millioon on health then from the perspective of an Ecumenic this is $30 million not going to schools, transportation or economic developement. There is a strong initiative to reduce costs through the use of a Healthcare Ecumenic. If healthcare costs are reduced 30% the savings go to producing value for all members of the Ecumenic including the healthcare sector. Why absorb money in surpluss proceedures when the savings can be applied to a new sports stadium?