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The Hysteria Over Sex Education

The hysteria generated by Doug Ford decision to rethink the sex ed curricula is based on two mental lapses, easily repaired.

The first mental block was the lefts failure to realize Fords decision has nothing to do with what the older curricula does not contain. The dispute is not so much over content but scheduling. All those elements mentioned by the left missing from the older version, will do doubt be shifted into the program developed by the Ford government. So far as I know no one opposes the material. What is in dispute is the age appropriateness of the material being offered.

Not once have I seen Andrea Horwath openly demand 11-year-old girls be taught about anal sex, why not. This is what is being disputed. Why is she not campaigning for the necessity of a 7-year old to learn the language of sexual organs, (rather than wee-wee which is apparently too childish for the NDP). Why has she not explained why it is vital we shield children from discussions about love, the age of consent, marriage and abstinence? No one is worried about teaching computer skills to kids, as if they needed to be taught them.  In grade 3 at age 8 schools teach a child they can have 2 mothers or 2 fathers, biologically speaking this is impossible. Is sex education about biology or the imposition of a social agenda?

The real issue is technical. The left asserts gender has nothing to do with sex, the curricular clearly states gender identity is divorced from sexuality, and they are right in this. The curricular clearly states a child has a penis (male) or a vagina (female). The biological fact of two sexes cannot be denied the biological necessity of the nuclear family cannot be made redundant by maudlin comments about diversity.

Gender studies is about sociology, not biology. Sex education is founded in the biological fact of XX and XY chromosomes and no amount of hand wringing, and liberal hysteria will alter this.

Sex education needs to be based on science and objectivity as regards biological roles. Leave gender studies in sociology along with discussions on using social media sites safely.

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