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The Aggrieved Property Owner

Are you an aggrieved property owner? Are you angry? I am. Have you worked all your life because you knew this was the right thing to do? Yet was your work appreciated or has it been taken for granted? 

Your work produced wealth and it was this wealth that supported you and those whom you loved. You did not ask or expect a free ride. You just wanted to do your part and have your effort recognized, not with a lot of fanfare or medals;  you assumed you would not be treated the same or worse than those who tok as much as they could while giving as little as possible. But did this ever happen? In fact you were taken advantage of. I was taken advantage of. 

We expected to help the needy, the sick, the old and the disabled. We expected we would need to carry the burdans of the less fortunate but the burdened never lessened, the need never declined. Year after year the needs grow and the ones needing help increased until we are barely better off than those who never saw a need to lift a finger to help anyone, let alone us.

Now we are tired of giving. We are tired of seeing our portion decline as the shares of others  increase and many more wait on our help.

We cannot go shopping without beggers inside and outside every store. Foodbanks need our help as do hospitals, churches, the victims of natural disasters and every kind of charity and cause one can think of. But the need never lessens let alone goes away. Our leaders send billions into the coffers of other nations while the national accounts bleed red. 

What kind of person borrows money to help reduce need elsewhere? Who borrows from the future to help house the homeless of other nations whilst ones own people have no where to live?

This is our land. Who has the right to give it away. We have a right to our culture and our wealth. It is ours and not anyone elses. 

Ecumenics is a new kind of charity. We are a charity composed of aggreived property owners. We want to help those who need help. However, we wantto be on control of the help we give.

To be a charity we first need to be owners we need our property rights to be respected. We own our political jurisdictions. We do not rent this land. It is not a gift or benefit provided by the state. We are not visitors or guests. This is our home. We own this land and this place.

If you believe you own what you have as a human right please join with us. Sign up for our newsletter and talk to us about starting an Exchange. Exchanges are local networks of property owners who operate locally within their own political jurisdictions as a charity to benfit those of our own choosing. Stop being beholden to the state. Join with like minded persons to demand and exercise your human rights to the land that is yours by right.



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