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More Science In Our Sex Education

More Science In Sex Education Please

How should a Christian respond when asked about how sex ought to be taught? It is an interesting question because of course it assumes children ought to be educated about sex, rather than say about moral right and wrong as it relates to bodily autonomy.


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The Hysteria Over Sex Education

The hysteria generated by Doug Ford decision to rethink the sex ed curricula is based on two mental lapses, easily repaired.

The first mental block was the lefts failure to realize Fords decision has nothing to do with what the older curricula does not contain. The dispute is not so much over con…

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The Aggrieved Property Owner

Are you an aggrieved property owner? Are you angry because you feel your rights are being abused? Have you worked all your life to get things you need and then saw what you had worked for being systematically removed from you?

Like many others you did not ask for or expect a free ride. You did your…

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Jesus Is Not A Liberal


The common man sees Jesus as a liberal. A social gospel was established on that basis, some went so far as to fashion a prosperity gospel. The inarguable fact that Jesus was not a capitalist does not give anyone the right to accuse him of socialism. It is a perverse kind of theology that …

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