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The Scientific Proof Of God


Ecumenics studies social division; its causes and remedies.

Ecumenics postulates an irreconcilable distinction between liberalism and Ecumenics. Ecumenics is about the resolution of social divisions and liberalism is an ideology of divide and conquor.

Liberals make a fundamental logical error. They are ideological relativists. Everything is relative; even truth. Liberal scientists subscribe to the believe that all science is probablistic and all discoveries are subject to disproof and modification.

Liberal science is based on empiricism which requires experiments be fashioned and the findings interpreted. 

Liberals confuse this with objectivity. At best an experiment proves a methodology. Experiments demonstrate that given a set of conditions a predictable result will emerge.

This only tells us that the effect is relative to the cause.

A set of specific and well-formulated lies will produce a predictable response. This does not demonstrate the lies to be true or the response rational other than in the confines of a corrupted reality. So much of liberal reality is based on this same kind of situation, politics is justified by the situation that makes politics a reasonable solution.