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Politics Is The Usurption Of Power


Ecumenics is the scientific study of power; this includes the study of social division; its causes and remedies.

There is an irreconcilable distinction between liberalism and Ecumenics. There is a division between truth and lies. Ecumenics as an organization is about the resolution of social divisions and the acquisition of power. We help clients obtain their human rights; these are positions of power. We reject the idea that rights can be gifted. Liberalism is an ideology of divide and conquor. It preaches freedom but its freedom is posited as a zero-sum game. Your freedom is my prison and my freedom means giving you boundaries.

Liberalism and Ecumenics cannot be reconciled because liberalism rejects the concept of human rights as inalienable and absolute. Liberalism sees human rights as conditional. Human rights for a liberal are more accurately termed legal rights. Legal rights are gifted by governments. This is why the fetus has no rights - governments do not feel inclined to give them rights. Humanity sees a fetus that has power because it holds the existence of species in its DNA. The fetus is the carrier of the next generation and the survival of all we have created.