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Liberal Debt

The liberal economy creates debt, liberal polical policy cannot eliminate debt without destroying the economics of liberalism. 

For liberals this is a paradox, for Ecumenics it is a sign we need to find out what God wants us to do.

Policy On Debt

There is no logical excuse for debt it exists for only one reason; liberal society has become corrupted and divided against itself. The level of debt is proportional to the lack of trust in  society. Ecumenics takes a biblical approach to reforming society and eliminating debt. Ecumenics is the only feasible way to eliminate debt because The Ecumenic Organization is  the only organization that forces human policy to conform to Scripture. Ecumenics are radical believers in Sola Scriptura. Debt is a social cost of liberal social policies produced by statist government. 

​The Ecumenic Organizations approach to debt elimination is based on the Bible. Excumenics  are an application of Scriptural economics. If you do not understand how Ecumenics work, you do not understsand how the bible eliminates debt. Please familiarize yourself with the  basic structure of an Ecumenic and their operation so as to understand the economics of Scripture. (see link below)

As goods and services are provided by the Ecumenic fiat money will no longer be needed. If we no longer use fiat currencies the debt creation model will be abandoned and society will move towards a cash-based economic model. At this point earnings can be used to purchase Preferred Shares in the Ecumenic. These purchases enable the Ecumenic to pay down member debt.

The Ecumenic may also choose to sell Bonds as a debt eliminating model. All fiat currency collected is deposited in a Trust account, as funds accumulate these monies can be used to pay down member debt. Ecumenics acquire member debt in exchange for surplus deposits of fiat currency. 

Members receive debits equal to the value of the loan acquired by the Ecumenic, these debits are liquidated in the normal course of business by members. 

No interest is payable on the debit balance. It is up to Ecumenics to ensure any debit balances are liquidated. In this sense positive and negative balances are the responsibility of the Ecumenic not individual members.

Ecumenics take a grassroots and biblical approach to eliminating debt.

If you wish to participate in eliminating debt please contact us about becoming an Ecumenic.

Basic Exchange Structure ​​