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AID is various forms of capital externalized. Often this is in the form of loans or credit at other times there are funds sent to foreign states and NGO headquartered in foreign lands. Charity starts at home. No level of government has the authority to provide external AID of any kind, including loans, credit, or charity. All foreign assistance has to be provided privately from private donars, no institution providing funds for overseas AID is permitted to receive any assistance from any level of Government.

Responsible governments in a deficit position are not in a position to supplement the costs of other nations. Responsible governments do not offer AID if it will create a deficit position in its own or another country. All AID is to come from private donars which maybe organized and coordinated by a federal government.

Responsible governments provide assistence in an equitable way to private donors. Pacifarians believe governments that take an active position as regards the giving or getting of charity is to exceed the authority and legitimacy of government. Responsible government serves the people who elect it. Responsible government must not presume to act on the behalf of the people in cases where the peoples position is not validated by the peoples own actions.

In the future when the team-based reforms of Team Pacifarian have been implemented the need for AID will have been implemented. In the meantime AID must be scaled back and put in the hands of individuals and Exchanges and out of the hands of agenda-driven statists.