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The Scientific Proof Of God


Liberalism is usually referred to as the politics of protecting and enhancing personal freedom. Conservatism is often defined as the believes of a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics. However, these definitions do not get to the core of the distinction nor explain well the antipathy of one for the other.

Liberals believe progress is acheived through competition whereas conservatives look to cooperation and unity to serve as the engines of progress.

Liberals promote freedom because freedom allows for competition and conservatives value tradition because this indicates shared values and a common bond.

Affiliated Organizations

Ecumenics Org is a cultural response to the states abuse of mankind's human rights. Crime, war and social division are symptomatic of states that have usurped our human rights. Our social problems such as unemployment, poverty, pollution, taxation, inflation, economic cycles, debt, social stratification, elitism, globalism and crime are the result of human rights violations. Social problems exist as part of the ills and errors of liberalism. 

Human rights take precedence over the states offering of legal rights. The right must unite in defense of mankind's human rights. Support for human rights eliminates the sources of social division. Legal rights are the main source of all friction and therefore the primary cause of poverty and debt. Uniting the right creates progress even as it enables the elimination of human rights violations. 

Please join with us to combat injustice and overcome the human rights violations of the left. Ecumenic Exchanges, are a charitable response to the evils of liberalism and its offenses against our human rights. Exchanges are charities that promote ownership and ownership rights. Our motto is unity through justice. Without supporting ownership rights there is no justice and no unity.

Anyone and everyone needs to fight for their ownership rights. Exchanges promote ownership and justice as a human right using charity. Exchanges reduce the need for the state and lowers costs created by its provision of legal rights by providing a charitable alternative to the state. 

Start an Exchange and promote unity through charity, promote justice for all as a charitable mission.