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The Scientific Proof Of God


Legal rights are products of a liberal state. Legal rights ferment social division and social injustice. The worlds political and economic systems are based on legal rights and are corrosive of the social order. Anything that produces social  division creates injustice. Injustice offends our human rights. Injustice destroys peace, prosperity and progress. Injustice destroys the church. Demand justice. Fight for the right of the church to exist. 

About Us

Who We Are:

Ecumenics is people producing unity to prove the existence of God. 


What We Do:

Ecumenics we prove God exists, conclusively and irrefutably.


How We Do It:

Ecumenics unites the right, builds the church and demonstrates God has the solutions we need. 

Ecumenics Org ...

  • works to build the church
  • increase faith.
  • prove the existence of God.
  • overcome social division
  • disseminates information on the nature of division and social injustice.
  • promotes human rights and justice for all.
  • designs and develops charities for overcoming social injustice.
  • Illuminates the disastrous social policies of liberals.
  • opposes the legal rights model of social organization.
  • combat the social divisions produced by the legal rights model.
  • helps people to start charities consistent with the purpose and pleasure.
  • promotes private ownership as a way to promote human rights.
  • opposes the divisive influence of public and semi-private ownership.
  • promotes property rights as an inalienable element of our human rights.
  • promotes cooperation and consensus building between those on the right.
  • combats the divide and conquer strategies of liberalism and the liberal state.
  • helps property owners to identify and eliminate sources of risk
  • promotes a more charitable way to do business that benefits all stakeholders.
  • combats hierarchies in both the public and private sector.
  • coordinates efforts to redress historic oversights and grievances connected to mankind's property rights.
  • protects and promote our universal and inalienable rights to the lands we inhabit.
  • encourages the formation of Exchanges and grassroots power as an expression of charitable giving.