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The Social Positivists

 the society for the advancement of positive knowledge 

Social Positivists believe  science and religion are not enemies when it comes to the truth. The truth precedes both science and religion.

Truth is truth where ever found and consists of what can be verified. No believe can be autonomously verified, ie self-verification is not valid.

Christianity is verified by science and science is verified by Scripture. Scripture holds the answers to your questions and science ensures Scriptural  interpretations are valid.

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Welcome to The Social Positivists website. The Social Positivists promote science-based, positive solutions to the  problems of social division and political polarization. 

Are you tired of the divisions and polarization? Would you like to get all stakeholders around the table and share in a vision that benefits all parties equally; without the recriminations, accusations and victimization?

Positivists bring people to the table promising a methodology that permits all peoples to work together in a climate of trust and tolerance because positive solutions create an environment in which benefits accrue to those who best work together.

The Social Positivists invites your comments and contributions and ideas. Please visit our Contact Page for more details.

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