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There is no descepency between science and religion. Christianity is verified by science and science is verified by Scripture. Scripture holds the answers to your questions.


Liberalism and its social agenda is inherently divisive because it is based on opinion and subjectivity.

All peoples have a right to the lands they possess, and to the things wrought by their hands. This is both Scriptural and empirically verifiable.

Our homeland is a human right. We the people of God must unite for God and faith, justice and our rights, we need to separate from the state and its social costs or it will destroy our nations and our faith. The church must reject liberalism and its social costs. Light cannot reconcile with darkness nor can lies be made consistent with the truth. Liberalism is incompatible with a society of faith under God. 

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Welcome To The Analytic Humanist

The Analytical Humanist promotes analysis over intuitiveness and the analytical over emotion. Emotion has come to dominate too  much of modern discourse.

The emotive narrative is predominate in three areas, the political, economic and ecclesiastical.

If you consider yourself analytical rather than emotional and are having issues with the way emotion dominates the political, economic and theological arenas help create a new, reason based dialogue.


Analytics And Ecclesiastics

The Analytic Humanists position on ecclesiasticism is founded on Eph. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

People are not the problem. The lusts of the flesh are the problem. Institutions built on or favorable to, the passions are the problem. 

The Analytic MovementHumanist argues that if a proposal cannot be examined critically and explained dispassionately it has no place in public conversation.


Analytics And Politics

Politics is filled with passion. Analytics understands why. There is little, or no reason contained in the way political issues are presented. The justifications for various policy initiatives are based primarily or exclusively on appeals to emotions.

The desire for consensus is simply a symptom of the idea politics is about passions and passions must be released on a grand scale. Consensus is more about common emotional responses to triggers than factuality. Too many leaders simply leap out to support where a mob mentality is pushing the majority.

Analytics is about methods of analysis. If a platform has no analytical features it ought to be shelved. Emotive based platforms are rendered null and invalid by the absence of a rational means to resolve the issues they bring up.


Analytics And Science

Logically there can be only one truth and one source of truth.

Analytically speaking if there are multiple truths or multiple sources of truth then analysis is not a valid enterprise. If truth is relative, then analysis becomes a kind of hypocrisy where we attempt to prove our truth has more value than others because it is our truth.

Analytics requires all truth is connected and linked to one source. Logically, there is only one source of information and that is God, regardless what you call God. All truth is information and originates in sentient beings. By definition this source of truth is God.

There is no logical or empirical method that would indicate multiple independent sources of truth nor a set of truths logically or existentially independent from a sentient point of origin.

All truth has a single origin in God thus all information comes originally from God.

Analytics necessitates a reliable source and origin of truth. By definition reliable truth can only come from a Supreme Being.

No truth is autonomous from the source or Creator of truth. All truth is information and all information is created. There is nothing in logic, experience or evidentiary knowledge that suggests information has its source in meaninglessness.

Evidence tells us there is and must be a right and wrong, absolute, invariable without this there is no truth.

Truth is not relative and not without meaning. Truth is information. It has meaning.

All truth has a correlate in the real world. All truth can be tested in and through the natural world. All truth is empirical in

that God has made it verifiable through observations within the natural world.


Analytics And Econmics

Economics is within capitalism, greed-driven. This works out reasonably well because it is not hard to convince people that being selfish is a good thing.

Communism is problematical because it is based on empathy and while there is a lot of empathetic people around it does not take long for them to becomes disillusioned with the majority who tend to be selfish and glad to find someone who is willing to give according to ability and get according to need so long as the selfish person does not have to contribute to the pool of goods and services being shared.

It is not that communism is inherently unstable it is that too many greedy persons exist who will take advantage of any system that allows people to choose their own level of giving and getting.

Let’s just say that capitalism works better than communism because there are more proto capitalists than compassionate.

Analytically neither option represents a viable option. If we cannot rely on everyone being unselfish it is suicidal to expect the most generous to keep working the indolent the indigent and entitled, though this of course happens in capitalism, capitalism does not demand one give away one’s labor and it does manage to harness the energy of the most ruthless.

It is simply a matter of numbers. Capitalism manages to reflect the nature of more persons than capitalism because it has a less rosy view of human nature.

If capitalism functions better than capitalism because it is marginally more reflective of human nature we need to develop an economic response that is close to representing 100% of the population.

Analytical ownership is based on rational entitlement. we own what we are intitled to own because it makes more sense for us to own the good or service than anyone else.



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