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The Scientific Proof Of God


Liberalism and its social agenda is inherently divisive. It takes from people what they create. All peoples have a right to the lands they possess, and to the things wrought by their hands. Our homeland is a human right. We the people of God must unite for God and faith, justice and our rights, we need to separate from the state and its social costs or it will destroy our nations and our faith. The church must reject the parasitic liberalism that is ruining our all we have created. Light cannot reconcile with darkness nor can lies be made consistent with the truth. Liberalism is incompatible with a society of faith under God. 

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Ecumenics is the study of choice and the consequences of division that is the ramifications of poor choices. Good choices brings people together and builds the church. Unification if the formation of a common purpose. The common purpose is the church. We unite based on faith. Faith serves as our common purpose. If we do not trust one another and believe other people pose a risk to us we cannot unite. We will not share a faith because our purpose to some degree will always diverge. This is the agenda of liberals. They exercise a divide and conquer strategy.

Ecumenics is the study of the church with the focus on building the church. The church exists only in its construction, in its active sense.

If we are not coming together in faith then we build Babylon, this is the two choices, the two directions we have, despite the feeling you have this cannot be so, it is so; these are the choices we have, the options we are given.

If we are building the church, we are coming together. If we are not coming together we are constructing a fallen world. Building the church is building a common purpose. Building the church means trust increases and the perception of risk declines.

Ecumenics is the study of how to live in a way that brings us into unity with other believers so that in our unity we will be a light to the world and build the church.

Ecumenics is the study of God manifested on earth through the church of God. Ecumenics Org believes the church is a light to the world and a scientific proof of God. Our unity demonstrates the existence of God. Non-believers see God in the unity of the church. The church manifests God on earth.

Ecumenics is the belief that in building the church we become a science of God, the study of God, our life becomes an experiment that proves conclusively and irrefutably that God exists. In this experiment we are the church and a fitting bride of Christ.

Our Priorities are as follows, to

Remove division

Promote Patriotism

Build the church

Prove consclusively God Exists





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