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Ecumenic Org

 the study of power and rights


There is no descepency between science and religion. Christianity is verified by science and science is verified by Scripture. Scripture holds the answers to your questions.


Liberalism and its social agenda is inherently divisive because it is based on opinion and subjectivity.

All peoples have a right to the lands they possess, and to the things wrought by their hands. This is both Scriptural and empirically verifiable.

Our homeland is a human right. We the people of God must unite for God and faith, justice and our rights, we need to separate from the state and its social costs or it will destroy our nations and our faith. The church must reject liberalism and its social costs. Light cannot reconcile with darkness nor can lies be made consistent with the truth. Liberalism is incompatible with a society of faith under God. 

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Welcome to the website of Ecumenics Org; Ecumenics is the science of power and the study of the exercise of power. Ecumenics is also the study of rights. Rights are the embodiment of power.

Ecumenics Org is an expert in the acquisition of power. We specialize in the formation of grassroots movements. Grassroots movements are the most stable of configerations and the most cost effective structure available to clients. Ecumenics Org trains individuals in the techniques of creating dynamic organizations that grow spontaneously and exponentially using resources acquired at the grassroots level. Power is exercised as a shared human right.

Are you poor, dispossessed, marginalized? Is your community wracked by crime, prostitution, poverty and other social ills? Is debt chocking off all hopes of a better life? Ecumenics Org has the techniques to change this. Poverty is powerlessness. Power is the solution to poverty and our other social ills.

What Is An Ecumenist

Ecumenicists believe in human rights as power and the exercise of power.

Ecumenists are known by the works we do – not the emotions we feel or the claims we make. Works validate what we do empirically. In this Ecumenists are objectivists. We believe our claims must be tied to empirical demonstrations with quantifiable measures of proof.

Ecumenists believe the priority is to work together, to bear fruits as works of the faith we have in one another. Works or results are a concrete demonstration of the trust we have in one another. This is the basis of power.

What Is Ecumenics Org

Ecumenics Org is a demonstration of Gods Power on earth. The church is a light to the world and a scientific proof of God. Power demonstrates the existence of God because all power ultimately must rest on truth, unvarnished and undefiled by political deceit. Non-believers see God in the power of the church. The church manifests God on earth in its power.

The church is built spiritually but also materially, there is the spiritual life and the material life. The spiritual wealth is manifested in physical wealth. Building the church is an economic activity. Works produce economic activity. The physical church is the empirical correlate of our faith.

Ultimately the church is a community of believers working to demonstrate through their life and works that God Exists.

Ecumenics Org believes the Reformation did not proceed far enough. We divided from Catholicism, but we retained the ungodly politics of Babylon. We allowed secular rulers to usurp the power that rightfully belongs to God.

Ecumenics Org rejects the argument that working together in unity and faith compromises doctrinal integrity. Any church that forbids works done in faith has no business trying to invoke the power of God.


What Is Truth?

Logically there can be only one truth and one source of truth. All truth is connected and linked to one source. Logically, there is only one source of information and that is God, regardless what you call God. All truth is information and originates in sentient beings.

There is no logical or empirical method that would indicate multiple independent sources of truth nor a set of truths logically or existentially independent from a sentient point of origin.

All truth has a single origin in God thus all information comes originally from God.

No truth is autonomous from the source or Creator of truth. All truth is information and all information is created. There is nothing in logic, experience or evidentiary knowledge that suggests information has its source in meaninglessness.

Evidence tells us there is and must be a right and wrong, absolute, invariable without this there is no truth.

Truth is not relative and not without meaning. Truth is information. It has meaning.

All truth has a correlate in the real world. All truth can be tested in and through the natural world. All truth is empirical in that God has made it verifiable through observations within the natural world.

All power rests on truth and all truth contains power. God as the author of all truth contains all power.

How Do We Build The Church?

The key to understanding Scripture is understanding how to build the Christian church. The growth of the church, the expansion of our works done in faith is founded on empirically verified truth originating from God and given to us in His Word. The church, built by works, is the standard by which we determine our rationality and indeed, our humanity and consistency with Scripture. All inquiry into wisdom must start with Scripture. Science and knowledge require we understand Scripture. Science is, in its fullest sense, the systematic study of Scripture. We verify our comprehension through our works done in faith that builds the church, empirically verified.

Good science builds the church. Building the church defines good science.

There is no distinction between what is biblically true and what is scientifically true. Good works is an outpouring of the spirit in real and concrete ways, the manifestation of which builds the Christian church.

If we are not living in truth we build Babylon. Babylon is a city built on lies.  

If we are building the church, we increase knowledge and understanding. The church is information and knowledge grounded in a bible-based truth verified by science.

Building the church increases the knowledge of truth. Babylon is the city of false belief. Through science our life becomes an experiment that proves conclusively and irrefutably that God exists.

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Ecumenics: the science of power

  • The church is truth - science is the search for truth
  • The church seeks God - science is the art of systematic discovery
  • The church is works done in faith - science is faith that the truth can be found
  • The church is a light to the world - science illuminates the darkness with truth
  • The church is the manifestation of God on earth - science manifests the truth
  • The church removes division - science creates unity of belief
  • The church is built on the belief that God Exists - science must ultimately conceed, all truth points towards God
  • The purpose of the church is to live out the reality of God, through science as the search for truth.
  • Science is knowledge and God is the source of all information.
  • To know God is to gain knowledge through science, to have knowledge is to access the source of all information.
  • Science is a proof of God and church is the experiment.
  • Ecumenics is the science that studies the church.
  • The church is the organization that exercises the power of God on earth.
  • Ecumenics Org is the organization that conducts the experiment that demonstrates the church is an empirical proof of God, by demonstrating that all power emanates from God and that without God, as enshrined in the church, we have no power and therefore no rights or hope.






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